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Expanded Learning Program

Elementary and Middle Schools

Kings Canyon Unified School District (KCUSD) offers free after-school programs at all TK/K-5, TK/K-8, and 6-8 school sites. These programs have been renamed Expanded Learning Programs (ELP) by the state of California.  ELP/ASP is offered from the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m.

The City of Reedley runs the programs at T.L. Reed and Washington schools.  For information about these programs, contact the City of Reedley Community Services Department (559) 637-4203. Information is also available from the program itself at each school site. 

     T.L.Reed (559) 352-6952                         Washington (559) 352-8692  
Community Youth Ministries (CYM) runs the programs at the remaining elementary and middle school sites.  For more information about these programs, contact the CYM office at (559) 638-6585.  Information is also available from the program itself at each school site. 

A.L.Conner (559) 552-2396 Jefferson (559) 552-2402  
Alta  (559) 552-2397  Lincoln (559) 552-2403
Citrus  (559) 552-2398  McCord (559) 552-2404
Dunlap (559) 552-2399 Navelencia (559) 552-2405
Grant  (559) 552-2400 Riverview (559) 552-2406
Great Western (559) 552-2401 Sheridan (559) 552-2407

Silas Bartsch (559) 552-2408
& 552-2409

Application Process

Families must complete an ELP/ASP application each year to enroll.  Applications are available from the ELP/ASP Office at each school site.


Students enrolled in ELP/ASP:

  • receive academic and homework support
  • attend field trips
  • participate in enrichment activities and clubs
  • receive a daily snack

High Schools 

KCUSD is additionally building After School Programs (ASP) at its three comprehensive high schools:  Orange Cove High School (OCHS), Reedley High School (RHS), and Reedley Middle College High School (RMCHS). These programs are federally funded under the ASSETs program (After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens).  

The pilot program at OCHS has been underway for several years and is run by CA Teaching Fellows.  For information about this program, contact the office at OCHS, at (559) 626-5900.

The newly funded programs at RHS and RMCHS will open later in the 2022-2023 school year.  Watch for more information about these upcoming programs when they are underway.