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High School Art

We Do

Students will have many ways to experience art

We offer programs in:
-Visual Art
-Digital Art
- Photography
- Pottery/Ceramics

Do you enjoy using Adobe Photoshop to create and work with digital media?

Do you enjoy drawing or painting as your creative outlet?

Have you always wanted to try throwing on the potter's wheel?

Do you enjoy capturing life's special moments on camera?

Art is a place for you!

Art in the Community

Art students share their work with others

High school artists are given many creative ways to give back to the community. Murals are a creative way for students to share their art with others. 

Pottery and ceramic exhibitions are offered throughout the year, giving students a place to show their work in the community.


Why Choose

Being in an art class offers each student an opportunity for self expression

Students have a chance to experience art in a hands on way! Whether it be drawing, painting, or pottery, these are excellent ways to engage in creativity. Students are given the change to express their opinions and feelings through their art.