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History of KCUSD PBIS

Since 2010, Kings Canyon Unified has involved cohorts of schools in Fresno County Office of Education’s 3-year training cycle for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, also known as PBIS.  Across the United States, educational professionals and research groups have begun to seek out more effective means of shaping student behavior.  Zero Tolerance policies, which may be necessary for violent, serious, or criminal offenses on school campuses, simply do not include a process for instilling better decision making in students.   Schools implementing PBIS are trained to teach behavior expectations to students, reward the abundance of positive examples students demonstrate, and intervene immediately when negative behaviors warrant negative consequences.

In 2013, the California Education Code 48900.5 was updated to include PBIS as a reasonable, useful alternative to previous practices of automatic removal from school.  PBIS also involves careful school-wide monitoring and reporting of student behaviors,  which is shared regularly with staff so that staff can provide feedback in adapting how consequences – positive and negative – can better serve the entire campus in providing a safe, healthy learning environment.

What is PB+IS @ KCUSD

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

PB+IS is an overarching term used to explain how schools:

  • Teach behavior expectations 
  • Promote positive behavior 
  • Respond with interventions when students don’t follow behavior expectations

PB+IS Works to “Establish a Positive Social Culture”

  • Student expectations are defined, taught and acknowledged
  • Student behavioral errors have immediate and consistent interventions, supports and/or consequences
  • Faculty and staff behavior is positive, predictable and consistent

PB+IS Data: 

  • Schools routinely gather behavior data, summarize it and use it to inform decision-making 

PB+IS Tiers