Kings Canyon Unified School District

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McCord Teachers

Clerk - Maribel Martinez - I have been working in early childhood education since 2000, I am very passionate about what I do. I love to see the children's joy when they learn or experience something new, it is very rewarding to watch children reproduce a behavior or action that I have taught  them.  " Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"- Aristotle
Teacher - Christina Garcia - I have been taking child development classes, volunteering, and working in education since 2002. this is my first year teaching my own classroom. I absolutely love my new position! I believe preschool is such an important age to begin sculpting the children's sponge like minds by teaching them creativity, possibility and the foundations of learning. I am looking forward to seeing what this year will bring.
Teacher - Erica Cheney
Aide - Tania Armenta - 2nd year teaching preschool. "The best part of teaching preschool so far is being able to shape little minds and watching them grow. I also love getting hugs, hearing stories, and knowing they trust me. I also enjoy sharing my stories with the children - it makes me happy knowing that they listen and always remember what I told them."
Aide - Haylee Poole - 5 years in early childhood. "I enjoy being a part of preschool children's growth and development as they are learning. My favorite part is seeing the world through their eyes and the excitement when they have the "ah-ha" moment when they learn something new."
Aide - Jessica Godinez - 4 years teaching preschool. "I love being able to teach a child in their early years of school and being able to watch them grow and see the excitement on their face when they learn something new."