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Jefferson Teachers


Clerk - Diana Nunez - I have had the privellege to work with children all of my life, but officially for four years; as a Gymboree facilitator, Sunday school teacher, child care provider, substitute, and now an aide and clerk in the preschool. My absolute favorite thing about working with children is how they help me learn and grow each and every day.


Full day/Full year room:


Teacher - Criselda Padron - 12 years in early childhood field. "The best part about being a preschool teacher is praising, guiding, encouraging, and inspiring the children. This is who I am and my preschool children are a blessing."


Teacher - Carla Martinez - 8 years teaching preschool. "I am proud to be one of the first educators in these young children's lives. I ejoy coming to work every day and spending quality time with so many young learners. Our school is dedicated to getting our preschoolers ready for Kindergarten in a fun, nurturing, and safe environment." A favorite quote - "Teachers change the world one child at a time."


Aide - Maria Ayala - 9 years working in preschools. "I love it when a little one comes up to me and says - 'I love you Mrs. Ayala!' Being around children makes me happy."


Aide - Adriana Rodriguez - 18 years working in preschools. "The best part of being a preschool teacher is that you get to see children develop. You experience how each child is unique and special. I love that children are honest and tell you what they really think."


Part day/Part year room:


Teacher - Leora Kennedy -  16 years teaching preschool. "There is nothing more thrilling than to see the world through the eyes of a three or four year old! To see all that is possible and to be there when they are at the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning. I love teaching because I love learning and that is what I try to pass on to my students."


Aide - Ercilia Mejia - 2nd year working in preschool. "The best part of being a preschool teacher is seeing how our children learn and grow, and how happy and excited they get when they learn something new."

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