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What is the KC Kids Early Childhood Program?
The KCUSD KC KIDS early childhood program is made up of  three unique programs that provide comprehensive services for young children aged 0-8 years with special needs and their families.  The KC KIDS Infant Program serves infants and toddler birth to three; The KC KIDS Preschool provides special education services in a variety of settings for preschoolers 3-5 years.  The KC KIDS STARS program is an intensive behavioral program providing Applied Behavioral Analysis  services to young children with and at risk for autism.   We are a public agency supported in part by the Central Valley Regional Center and Department of Education to provide comprehensive quality early intervention / special education and intensive behavioral services at no cost to families.  Please click on the links listed below to learn more about each program.
KC-KIDS Purpose Statement

KC-KIDS,  using a reflective process, works to support the development of children by partnering with families, communities and agencies in order to:

1.  Identify individual strengths and needs

2.  Encourage nurturing relationships

3.  Develop strategies that increase learning opportunities in every day routines and activities.
Do you have concerns about your child's development?
You may call KC KIDS year round to make a referral for any children who are suspected of having delays.  The staff will follow up with appropriate screening and assessment themselves or make the appropriate agency referrals to ensure that parents, physicians and other professionals concerns are addressed.
Don't hesitate to call for any question.  KIDS CAN'T WAIT!
Contact us at our Main Office:
1220 E. Washington
Reedley, CA 93654
559 305-7130
559 638-0026 (fax)