Kings Canyon Unified School District

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Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)

Welcome to the District Visual & Performing Arts Department!
Providing access and opportunities to the arts for a lifetime of enjoyment!

Our district is proud to offer instruction in Visual & Performing Arts to our students district-wide, from grades 1-12! 
(559) 898-ARTS (Phone)
Elementary VAPA (grades 1-5)
Our students receive instruction every other day for 45 minutes in the arts, learning choral music, instrumental music (flutophone), and visual art. 
Highlights in recent school tears have been:
  • KCUSD Children's Day - Partnership between KCUSD Migrant Department and VAPA. 
    • Performances, Community Partners, and Activities for Children 
  • ALL district students, grades 1-5, were provided an all-expenses paid "capstone arts experience" field trip!
    • Events included:
      • Enchanted Playhouse Theater - Visalia, CA 
      • Tulare County Office of Education Theatre Company Productions
      • Children's Musical Theaterworks Productions
      • KCUSD Drama Productions, as presented by Reedley High  
      • FCOE Spark Grant - Omar Nare & Patrick Contreras
      • Fresno Ballet 
      • CSU Fresno Drama Department
VAPA Tech Staff
Our team of caring Visual & Performing Arts Technicians are excited to share their love of the arts with your child at every opportunity! We strive to provide a balanced variety of music and visual art curriculum in a variety of topics, both seasonal and educational, to help your child develop curiosity and passion for all things artistic! 
School Site Location VAPA Tech
AL Conner Elementary Orange Cove, CA Donna Vincent 
Alta Elementary Reedley, CA Rachael Rudy 
Dunlap K-8 Dunlap, CA Micah Brummitt
Great Western Elementary Reedley, CA Carol Leppke
Jefferson Elementary Reedley, CA Amber Mendoza
Lincoln Elementary Reedley, CA Rose Awbrey
McCord Elementary Orange Cove, CA Andrea Welch
Riverview K-8 Reedley, CA Elizabeth Hull
Sheridan Elementary Orange Cove, CA Emily Dixon 
Silas Bartsch K-8 Reedley, CA
Joseph Ham, Joshua Harden
TL Reed K-8 Reedley, CA Janice Trott, Cynthia Ortiz
Washington Elementary Reedley, CA Crystal Nunez 
Secondary VAPA (grades 6-12)
Our secondary VAPA programs offer a wide variety of educational opportunities for our students.
We are excited to offer programs in:
  • Band (grades 6-12)
    • Reedley High "Pirate" Marching Band
      • Directors: Daniel Paulsen, Samuel Gipson, Lisa Dewhirst, Jason Awbrey, Lee Schneider
      • Colorguard: Lisa Dewhirst
      • Drum Line: Corey Dobbins
    • Orange Cove High "Titan" Marching Band
      • Directors: Ryan Ubhoff, Moises Caluya
  • Choir (grades 9-12)
    • Reedley High School & Orange Cove High School
      • Director: David dela Concepcion
      • Accompanist: Corey Dobbins
      • Performing Arts Theatre Manager: Steve Jones
  • Theatre & Drama (grades 9-12)
    • Reedley High School
      • Director: Sarah Wiebe
  • KC Showcase (grades 3-12)
    • District-wide
      • Director: Sarah Wiebe
      • Musical Consultants: Bernadette Tasy & Marianne McFarlin
  • Visual, Applied & Culinary Arts (grades 9-12)
    • Reedley High School
      • Staff: Connie Wiebe, David Smith, Matthew Hiebert
    • Orange Cove High School
      • Staff: Samantha Garner, Chef Bueno

Link to the National Core Arts Standards!