Kings Canyon Unified School District

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Schools » K-5


AL Conner Elementary
Principal: Lee Martinez
Address: 222 4th Street Orange Cove, CA 93646
Phone: 559-305-7200  FAX: 559-626-3008

Alta Elementary
Principal: Vickie Nishida
Address: 21771 E. Parlier Ave. Reedley, CA 93654
Phone: 559-305-7210  FAX: 559-637-1277

Great Western Elementary
Principal: Lori Botkin
Address: 5051 South Frankwood Ave., Reedley CA 93654
Phone: 559-305-7220  FAX: 559-637-1348

Jefferson Elementary
Principal: Agustin Villarreal
Address: 1037 E. Duff Ave., Reedley CA 93654
Phone: 559-305-7230  FAX: 559-638-2486

Lincoln Elementary
Principal: Gabriela Cazares
Address: 374 E. North Ave., Reedley, CA 93654
Phone: 559-305-7240  FAX: 559-638-3064

McCord Elementary
Principal: Oscar Villasenor
Address: 333 Center Street, Orange Cove, CA 93646
Phone: 559-305-7250  FAX: 559-626-3332

Sheridan Elementary
Principal: Linda Klein
Address: 1001 9th Street, Orange Cove CA 93646
Phone: 559-305-7260 FAX: 559-626-3137

Washington Elementary
Principal: Mary Stanley
Address: 1250 K Street, Reedley CA 93654
Phone: 559-305-7270 FAX: 559-637-1223