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Transportation » Field Trip Deadlines & Black Out Times

Field Trip Deadlines & Black Out Times

Field Trip Deadlines & Black Out Times



The deadlines for requests are:


  • For a school bus - At least 10 working days prior to the date of the trip.


  • For a charter bus – the form needs to be filled out online and sent to Transportation as soon as possible. Charter Buses get booked fast.



There are also blackout times, in which we cannot accommodate a field trip on a school bus due to all drivers being on route transporting students to and from school sites.

The times we cannot accommodate field trips on a school bus are:


  • Any time before 8:30 a.m.


  • Any time between 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on a regular day.


  • Any time between 12:00 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. on a minimum day.



If the departure time or arrival time for your trip falls anywhere in these blackout times and the times cannot be changed, your trip may need to be set up on a charter bus. If you choose to go on a charter due to the times, keep in mind that charter buses are usually booked much further in advance, so the chances of one being available drops the closer you get to the date.



Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Transportation Department.

Please click the link below to print this page for your records.