Kings Canyon Unified School District

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Student Health Center, Jefferson

In spring 2013, KCUSD opened a school based health center on the south side of the Jefferson campus at 1150 E. Washington Avenue in Reedley.  The health center is a fully staffed medical clinic, open from  8:00 --5:00 Monday through Friday, for students, families, employees, and community members from across the entire District.  It is intended to place health care for students where the children are…which is at school.

Adventist Health’s professional team of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and medical assistants operate the school based health center.  Over 300 patients joined the clinic in the first 6 months of operation, where Adventist Health assisted families with immunizations, physicals, and treatment of both sudden and chronic illnesses.  Students who may have had to wait days or weeks for appointments now find they can usually walk right in and be seen.  There is a lab on-site as well.  

Family members without insurance can work directly with the District’s Health Center Specialist, Miriam Cardenas, to link with Medi-Cal or a variety of insurance options; or to work out a sliding scale payment plan.  The District maintains a committed interest in families – especially students – seeking medical treatment sooner rather than later to prevent chronic issues from becoming worse.

For more information, call the school based health center at (559) 391-3105 or contact Miriam Cardenas-Aleman at 305-7358 or