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New Student Registration

We are excited that you have chosen to enroll your child at one of KCUSD's outstanding schools! 
We aim to make the registration process as efficient as possible for you. 
Please follow the steps below to assist you with the registration process.
1)  Identify your school of residence.  Click this link to identify your school of residence.   
2)  Call your school of residence to schedule a registration appointment.  Please be advised that all KCUSD schools are observing current COVID-19 safety protocols.  To ensure the safety of all, when coming to your appointment please:
  • wear a mask
  • do not bring children with you
  • practice proper social distancing
3)  Access the online registration form at and follow the instructions to complete the form.
4)  Gather the required documents below and bring them with you to your registration appointment.
     A.  Verification of Birthdate (any 1 of the following, preferred in this order)
          1. Birth Certificate 
          2. Certificate of Live Birth                  
          3. Baptismal Record
          4. Current Passport


    B. Proof of Residency (any 2 of the following, preferred in this order)
  1. Current Utilities Bill (gas, electric, water, propane, trash; not telephone) 
  2. Homeowners Mortgage Statement or Rental Agreement  *Note not rental receipt
  3. Current Welfare Check Notice of Action
  4. Affidavit of Residency, Notarized *Note that if this is used, 2 additional pieces of evidence named above still need to be presented, which can be in either of the parties’ names – owner or live-in – listed on the affidavit
         Driver’s License is not an acceptable proof of residence.
    C. Immunization Record as follows:
  1. Polio  (Four doses) *Three doses meet the requirement for ages 4-6 if at least one was given on or after the 4th birthday
  2. Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus – DPT   (Five doses) *Four doses meet the requirement for ages 4-6 if at least one was on or after the 4th birthday
  3. For 7th grade students:  Pertussis booster shot (Tdap booster shot, on or after 7th birthday)
  4. Hepatitis B  (Three doses)
  5. Measles, Mumps, Rubella – MMR (Two doses must both be on or after 1st birthday)
  6. Varicella (Two doses) or health care provider-documented Varicella disease or immunity
  7. Tuberculosis Risk Assessment (form will be completed at the school site during registration)
    D.  Foster Children/Group Home Students:                                                                                                                         Contact Social Worker Stephanie Villasenor at (559)305-7350 or