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Kings Canyon Educational Partnership Foundation » Mini-Grants


Each year KCEPF awards mini-grants, up to $500, for educational activities that are innovative, not typically provided through the school budget, and that provide opportunities that specifically benefit students.  

Mini-Grant Application Guidelines



Eligible grant applicants:

  • KCUSD Staff


Preference will be given to projects that are:

  • innovative (repeat projects are discouraged)
  • not normally provided through the school budget
  • specific educational opportunities that benefit students


Successful applications must demonstrate that their project:

  • is aligned with the instructional standards of KCUSD
  • is likely to succeed in meeting the project goals
  • serves as a learning model for others
  • has a reasonable timeline for implementation and completion
  • has a reasonable budget
  • provides direct and improved service to students


Additional information:

  • Staff may collectively apply for one grant or individually
  • A person’s name may appear on only one application
  • There may be multiple applications from a school site
  • Maximum award per application is $500 per approved project
  • The funds must be expended before the end of the current school year
  • The application cannot award aid to students via an outright grant or loan
  • Repair of equipment will not be considered
  • Rewards will not be considered
  • By May 1 of the current school year, each successful grant recipient shall submit a written summary report and thank you note to the Foundation Secretary, Aide Garza at KCUSD Educational Support Center
  • The report shall include the number of student participants and a brief narrative of the implementation of the project.  Failure to submit the mini-grant report will disqualify you from applying for future mini-grants.
  • The Board of Directors of the Foundation will make all final decisions on funded applications
  • Applications are due to Aide Garza by 5:00 p.m. October 30, 2020 (late applications will NOT be accepted)
  • If you have questions, please contact Aide Garza, 305-7025 (

Mini-Grant Application and Scoring Criteria