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RHS Student Rides on Rose Parade Float

The Reedley Chapter selected Cielo as their candidate and she was selected to represent the Central California Leo Clubs.  Leo Clubs are the high school affiliate of Lions Clubs. At the direction of the Lions Clubs International President, Lions Clubs throughout California were asked to identify a Leo Club member to ride on the float. Upon arriving at the parade, Cielo learned that the Southern and Northern California Leo representatives were not able to attend, so Cielo represented the state of California Leo Clubs.

Cielo arrived in Pasadena on December 30 and met various Lions Clubs representatives including Gary Hall, the Lions District Governor and Jung-Yul Choi, the Lions International President. On December 31, Cielo joined with other Lions Clubs members in the float barn for judging. The Lions Club float represented the Rose Parade theme of Hope. As part of the trip Cielo joined with Lions Club members and visited young cancer patients at City of Hope. "Seeing them helped me grasp the concept of Lions service," she said. On the morning of January 1, Cielo left her hotel at 5:30 a.m. to get to the float. She stood during the parade that covered 5 1/2 miles and lasted 2 1/2 hours. More than 1 million people were in attendance watching the parade and another estimated 39 million watched on tv, according to Cielo. Riding in the Rose Parade and the experience visiting City of Hope, helped to increase Cielo's understanding of the service provided by the Lions Clubs and Leo Club. "More people should know about Leo Club so more people can be involved to make a difference. It broke my heart to see the kids at City of Hope and it was amazing to see we make a difference."