Kings Canyon Unified School District

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700+ Students Participate in Annual Oral Interpretation Festival

Students in grades kindergarten through 8th recited memorized poems as a solo, duo, trio, small group, or large group. Each school site had a coordinator who practiced with students for several weeks in preparation for the event. Judges for the event are comprised of OCHS and RHS students, and staff members from each elementary and middle school in the District. VAPA Coordinator Jimmy Loomis trains the judges to listen to each performance according to a rubric and provide feedback to help students grow in their communication skills. At the conclusion of the event, the certificate team including Learning Directors Anita Elizondo, Chris Boswell, Assistant Principal Amanda Lopez-Doerksen and others, prepare certificates for each student. The students receive a rating of superior, excellent or good. The certificates were awarded to each participant, and those earning a superior rating are invited to continue on to the Peach Blossom Festival at Fresno State in March 2020.