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Reedley High School ASB

The beginning of the school year is a busy time for RHS ASB students. Currently they are planning the Senior Sunrise event, Back to School dance, ABC 30 Football Rally on September 13 and homecoming week activities. While the beginning of the school year is a busy time for the students, Mr. Stepp added, “We are also looking for new ways to serve our Reedley community and ideas to promote our students and all of the wonderful things Reedley High has to offer.

There is no doubt RHS ASB students keep busy with classes, serving on ASB and other co-curricular activities. Taking into account the other commitments students make, Academic Commission Andrew Jimenez said, “I really enjoyed what last year’s ASB was able to do and how they were able to change the atmosphere around our campus. It felt as if they had created a whole new identity and I really wanted to be a part of that change. I decided ASB was something that I really wanted to be associated with so I can play a part and get more involved as we continue on that path of creating a new and improved culture around Reedley High.” Junior Class President Jonnie Terry added, “I joined ASB to help make a positive change at RHS. I believe that with the help of ASB that our entire atmosphere at Reedley High can improve. Bullying can be prevented, school spirit can rise, and our students can learn to spread kindness which will in-turn improve our students entire perspective of school.”

The 2019-20 RHS ASB team:
ASB Officers: President Ivan Mejia, Vice President Roxana Ramos, Treasurer Kyndall Murray, Secretary Breanna Robledo
Senior Class Officers: President Citlali Vargas, Vice President Nickolas Friedenberg, Treasurer Jessica Vargas, Secretary Dominic Padero
Junior Class Officers: President Jonnie Terry, Vice President Adeline Villarreal, Treasurer Matthew Hernandez, Secretary Jocelyn Cruz
Sophomore Class Officers: President Riley Stepp, Vice President Isabella Garcia, Treasurer Marisol Padilla, Secretary Morgan Gates
Academics: Andrew Jimenez (sr), Liliahna Bedolla (jr)
Athletics: Devin Decker (sr), Bowdie Eastham (jr), Ryan Warkentin (so)
Balloons & Decorations: Daniela Gomez (sr), Sophia Lampa (jr), Vanessa Rodriguez (jr)
Culture & Climate: Hayley Preheim (sr), Ximena Ramos (sr), Hunter Gobby (jr), Evan Leal (jr)
Music: Kyle Doi (sr), Aaron Todd (jr)
Photo & Video: David Pimentel (jr)
Posters: Chelsea Loredo (jr), Bronagh McGahan (jr)
Public Relations: Niyah Jimenez (sr), Cecelia Mulligan (jr)
Service: Augie Villarreal (sr), Lauren Garcia (jr), Brian Molina (jr)