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Middle School Buccaneers Football Camp

KCUSD Buccaneers Football 2019
● 7th and 8th graders (2019-20 school year), who intend to play football this season, are
invited to attend football camp with the Reedley Buccaneers this summer at Grant Middle
School. Camps are free for all KCUSD students!
*Please see camp schedules below.
● Athletes will need to wear cleats to camp. Shorts and tee shirts are okay. It is also
recommended that every player bring a water jug.
● Camps will focus on skill development and play knowledge of both the offense and defense.
Some conditioning will be included, but the purpose of the camps is to learn the game!
● Camp practices will start at 6 pm and end at 8 pm.
I hope to see everyone out there this summer! Go Bucs!!!
Camp #1 - Offense
Day 1 / June 17th: Team offense - formations, play call terminology and concepts,
strength conditioning
Day 2 / June 18th: Individual offense - skill development, assignments and
responsibilities by position, huddle assignments, endurance conditioning
Day 3 / June 19th: Team offense - Understanding the play call and executing the play
call, special teams, strength conditioning
Day 4 / June 20th: Individual offense, team offense, special teams, conditioning, pizza
and soda!
Camp #2 - Defense
Day 1 / July 16th: Team defense - formations, terminology and concepts, read and
react assignments, strength conditioning
Day 2 / July 17th: Individual defense - skill development, assignments and
responsibilities by position, identifying the offense, endurance conditioning
Day 3 / July 18th: Individual defense, team defense, offense and special teams review
First official practice is July 29th at 6pm at Grant Middle School. Practices will run from 6pm to
8pm until the beginning of school. Practice times will change to 4-6pm when school begins. Players
will need their own transportation for summer practices. KCUSD will provide transportation to practice
once school begins.