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Message from Superintendent John Campbell

The reason public education exists is to prepare students to take their places in society, as competent, productive members. As trustees of that worthy goal, educators strive to produce excellence in every student's academic life. New emphasis from state and federal government has not changed that original goal. Instead, it has sharpened our focus on the need to make sure everything we teach, everything we spend, and everything we model, leads to improved student achievement.

At Kings Canyon Unified, we have adopted a concept known as "Data Driven Decision Making" to help us target our resources and efforts toward actions that improve student achievement. Stated simply, data driven decision-making means we make choices about curriculum, spending, and staffing based on the results of real-time student assessments throughout the school year. We gain the ability to see what works in improving student performance, and can begin to replicate those things throughout the district. Likewise, we can identify things that do not help students improve.

Accountability is a much-used term in public education these days and rightly so. We take it seriously when parents entrust us with their children's learning, but we know the best learning environment is one where parents and schools are aligned in the cause of helping students achieve excellence in academic endeavors. To that end, I encourage you to meet regularly with your child's teacher. Visit the school site and talk with the principal. Be involved with your child, and, together, we will succeed in graduating students who are well prepared to lead in the next generation.

Please browse our website, and discover some of the amazing things that are happening everyday in your schools. Let us know what you like about the site. Tell us what other information would help you stay informed about the school district. Above all, take advantage of every opportunity to partner with us in teaching your child.