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“At the heart of school reform is the transformation of classrooms into democratic and supportive communities of learners, seeking to develop responsible, respectful, and compassionate students.”

            -Silas Bartsch, first superintendent of KCUSD

"Bengals Have Success, Bullies Are a Mess"
              - winning slogan from Mr. Nikkel's 6th grade class 
Bengal Spirit! 
Congratulations to our 3rd grade class!  Again, they were the most spirited class for Trimester 2.  Thanks to Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Kopper for pumping up Bengal Spirit! 
 3rd graders
Every Friday is Bengal Spirit Day!  Encourage your child to wear their Silas Bartsch gear.  Check our front office if you need some.  Go to "Our School" and visit the "Principal's Corner" and read more about our school spirit activities.